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The Process


Reaching Out

Once we have made first contact, whether it be by phone or email we aim to set up a meeting.

Site Visit

The next step is to meet at the site and find out how we can help, one-off items can be just as exciting as full area redevelopments and therefor they are given just as much thought and attention.


Once measurements and initial ideas have been discussed we get back to the office and do some planning. This can involve looking at how we can create bespoke designs based around things like the surrounding area, the local heritage or anything else that may inspire us.


We can then share our ideas, plans and prices and alter any design aspects to suit.


Then comes the hard work and the excitement as work is commenced and the vision is realised.


Once the build is finished and the client is completely happy, we hand over the product and allow the children to begin their work - PLAY!

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